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12 December 2008 @ 09:56 pm
This is the best gift ever for December. I'd never hated December so much ever in my life. It was my all time favourite month of the year, okay? OMG I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I have 4 weeks before the new sem. Ok, exams aside! There's so much to drool do!

My list of to do list :-
1. Watch jodramassssss. omfg Seriously, i have like 10 dramas pending?
2. Download moreeeeeee dramas xD. This is joy, baby!
3. urm, I guess it's time for me to backtrack and catch up on fandoms? Oh well, that depends on my mood. Seriously, I'm old enough to get my ass out of that. But I think there are a few DBSK clips I need to watch? hmm.....
4. oh, i need to do something to my lj. How do you make a pretty layout?????? hey
geronsky , you read that? You gonna teach me mara! LOLL
5. Clean my closet to make space for new clothes O_O. Ok, it's gonna take FOREVER for me to start. ._.
6. Shopping, watch movie and bowl!!!!!! hahahahah I need time with my besties.
7. Play with my adorable yet annoying nephew.
8. Listen to all the songs I've download over the years. OMG It's 15Gb O_O
9. Read a few good books. And yes, I don't mind re-reading Twilight for the 29734503458 times (=
10. Xmas is here! There's so much to do and I need a vacation!!!!!!! omg please fly my to Japan.......

you know what I feel like doing now?
Thissssssss >>
I want to jump and hop on someone! xD
credit : as tagged

Oh yea, I read somewhere about Kusano might be going back to NEWS Omg Holy cow NOOOOOOOO. I mean seriously NOOOOOOOOO!!! I love the 6 members NEWS. 9 was a mess, 8 was nuts. It's Ryopi, Koyashige and Tegomass. Or RyoTegoShige, PiKeiMass. I love them like that. Inside out, upside down. Let them stay as 6.♥♥♥ I don't have anything against Kusano but I prefer him to go alone. Go sing, dance and act under Notti. Pleaseeeeeeee?

And another thing, the FG guy is just so fu*ked up to tell me that how uhmasing his life is now and that he and his new found wtf gf are on such good terms and that he did so mini coopery well for his exam. OMG STFUMF can someone kill him as an early christmas gift for me? 

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.. 샤느 ..: BoAicequ33n on December 21st, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)
yaa so happy you can watch doramas.. i have tons of doramas pending.. but my player is broken.. *sob* i don't like watching doramas on pc.. it's more comfortable to watch on tv.. besides, can sit in sofa.. lol

u DL doramas? omgod my inet isn't capable of DLing big files.. lol so i just buy it.. me too for #3.. i've been outdated b/c of assmts..

ehh Ryo & Pi hugging? *o*
i want to be in the middle of them.. rofl
and mm.. i'm also agree with 6 members of NEWS..
i know them since they're already 6 members..
and i prefer they're just like that all the way.. :D

your song.. i love it.. white x'mas frm kat-tun.. i often play the song & watch the MV.. lol and it made me listen to jpop songs again.. *lately i listen kpop songs more.. xD*