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22 November 2008 @ 04:27 pm
10 things to avoid before exams  

1. You so happen to need to make place for some new clothes in your closet for 2009, so you open your wardrobe and tell yourself "Ahh perfect, my cousin sister needs this one to match with her skinny jeans". "Ah, that girl needs a belt to put on with it too". You spend hours match-making clothes for her and re-do it until you're satisfied. After 5 hours, you said to yourself, "Forget it. I'm wearing these clothes myself. Bleak =P "

2. You forgot the storyline of the movie "The Covenant". So you turn on your TV every 2 hours (because you lost the Channel Guide), surf around the channels for another 45 minutes to see what they're showing until it's The Covenant's time. You might even get to watch 1 or 2 episodes of CSI and 90210. Awesome!

3. You haven't listened to SGWannabe's songs for 5 months, so you turn on your Window Media Player, put all of their songs on the playlist and when you just wanted to press the 'play' button, you realised that you missed their 1st and 2nd album!! blardy.. You googled for the download links for 30 minutes and they were all DEAD links! You redo the googgling again until you found the best 320kbs CD rip SGWannabe's Wannabe and Saldaga.

4. Just when you were downloading SGWannabe's album, you remembered that you didn't have the full SPEED discography! Ahh perfect, it's googling time again. =D  Only to discover, whatever link you've pressed on leads you either to the Keanu Reeves' movie, your broadband speedtest or the definition of speed and motion OR motor racing. >_< Dammit you're talking about the Jpop group!

5. Ahh Tesco is having sales again! Time to buy groceries even though your storeroom and fridge are fulled with junks.

6. You haven't been updating yourself with your friends blog for the last 3 weeks! *starts clicking on every blog on Jo's list - that's about 20. =D

7. You forgot what Edward Cullen was doing before he went for hunting. Ahhh purrrrfect time for re-reading the whole saga. Besides, you have to refresh your memory before entering the cinema next week.

8. Your nephew's colouring book looks empty the last time you flipped through it. You take out your 10 years old - precious colour pencils from Japan and started colouring Mickey Mouse your way.

9. Aww gawd. Your picture folder is in a mess! All DBSK and NEWS pictures are jumbled up together! You start creating new folders and renaming the pictures, sorting them into the right folder according to event : magazines, album scans, photoshoot, performances, with others, airport pictures, stalkerish and etc. After that, you start sorting them according to the years and hairstyle. When you forgot the timeline, you log on to soompi and start backtracking.

10. Your blog needs updating. For real.

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