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just a jester's jest. `` ♥

Hope is a paper boat that sinks... ©Daniel Armand Lee ♥

27 December
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Jestie is having too little time and she's lazy but wants to do a list full of things. She has never prepared herself early for the rainy days, especially when exams are around the corner. A little pampered and spoilt at home, but dying to explore the outside world..but she's still stuck in this lousy cum boring town. Loves to challenge herself but always died in the hands of lazy bugs. Loves to indulge in a good book, finished it within 2 days and re-read the whole thing again, without bothering about what's happening to the world. Or else, she loves to watch dramas (japanese and american, especially) till dawn. Loves good music, regardless the language - but only to the extend of korean and japanese. When it comes to western music, it's all about R & B and ROCK!

Needs ice creams when she's grumpy and sad. Her sister accused her for being short circuit, but whenever she doesn't explode, be careful. It's FOR REAL. Lol Other than that, my virtual life is all about.....
Johnny's Entertainment
Jdoramasss, dramas and moreeeee dramas

and so much more xD


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