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20 January 2009 @ 06:01 pm
Composer Love ♥  
I seldom write anything about Jin (none as I far as I can remember), but at the moment, I'm very much in love with his composition of "Care"

It's not that I didn't know the existence of the song, but it's just recently that I'd bother to look for the translation of the songs and holy, it's really good!

God bless them who can compose and write lyrics. I have a fetish for musicians like this and it's a bonus point (value plus plus plus) if they can play some instruments too. *winkchunwink* *winkryowink* and yes, that applies all the way back to the times I fangirl-ed NicTse too! LOLL!

Akanishi Jin

Narenai to sono naka de
bukiyou na aiseoi
jikan ni oware iya ni natteta hibi sukoshi jiyuu kanjita
ato nannen ka sureba
omoide ni naru dakara
wasurekaketeta kioku to ima wo futo kasanete mitan da
taisetsuna mono kakae sugite aruki durakunatta kyou

***Itsudatte bokura
kitto daredatte
kanashimi ya yowasa ikutsu mo ikitsurete
dare ga kattatte
fumidasu chikara wo
kitto soko niwa tairyou no
egao ga matte iru

Tsurateku iya de
dare ka ushinai kaketa
sonna fuu ni jibun no hou kara
tsunaida te hodokenai you ni

Tatoeba kimi ga
kizutsuita toshite mo
dare no ai datte
nandomo iro wo kaeru
tsukarete boku ni
yorikakaru hi wa
donna kimi de mo
dakishimeru kara


Jibun wo shinjite..

Translation :

Between becoming friendly and lies
Burdened with clumsy love
In the days I was becoming sick of
Being chased by time
I felt a little freedom

After a number of years have passed
This will become only a memory so
Those partly forgotten memories and now
I tried to put them together

Because I'm carrying too many precious things
Its become difficult to walk today

*At all times we, and surely everyone
Are dragging with us many sadnesses and weaknesses
Even if we begin to fall
In the strength to take a step forward
The smiles for all the times we cried will surely be waiting there

In the days that go by
I started to loose sight of something
Yes, in that way, making sure that the hand I clasped myself doesn't become unclasped

For instance even if you become hurt
Everyone's love will change colour many times
And the day you become tired and lean on me
How ever you are I'll still hug you tightly

Just believe in yourself

There are like 3 versions of the translation I've found but I think this is the most well translated. I found it from AF forum (:

And CNY's coming! YES! I love the food, the firecrackers, the redness and the MONEYYY!! XD Happy CNY to all who's celebrating it (:
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