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20 December 2008 @ 05:44 pm
To the VOICE (of Toma)  


My pretty layout and LJ page. I'm happy with it (: It took me quite sometime to surf and bump into all the possible communities to get everything that suits my taste! That's a loooooooottt of work, not to mention the numbers of pretty layout and profile page and headers I can take from. I almost took this but it's too small T_T

I think is my Toma is beautiful. What's best about it is the word JESTER on it (= Oh no, I didn't bribe ethvren to make me a banner, I just found it! And it's perfect!! Thank youuu!! *dances happily*

Hoookay, Ryuusei ended last night. I'm not gonna watch the episode without the subs so hopefully, Kakijun will come up with it faaaaaasstt. And I can't wait for Bloody Monday's subs too. It's pretty slow, but I'm fine with the speed as long as there's some other dramas to fill up my time!

Winter 2009 has few dramas I want to watch! Top of the list would be VOICE. Oh boy, Toma is too hard to resist xD ♥♥♥♥♥
This is the preview..

Don't you think he looks ohsoamazing in these pictures? A medical student, omg Toma. Trying to kill me with your boyish look??? *faints*

credit : tomalicious forum

It's a must watch in my list. And I guess RESCUE shouldn't be that bad either. I can't wait to watch Nakamaru jumping down from high places. LOLL and there's another drama of Kame, which I forgot the title and it doesn't seem interesting enough for me to remember, so yea..Gomen, Kame :P

I talk as though I have time in the world just to watch drama. In fact, my classes are starting in 2 weeks time T^T

And okay, after so much of the Japanese boys, here's my favourite picture of the month and it's currently my desktop wallpaper.. Introducing MY hubby, and his partner-in-being-dorky..♥♥♥

ahhhh *pinches cheek*

oh here's an extra! I mean a super huge Doraemon in the mall the other day. He's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! I can't stop singing "ung ung ung to de mo daisuki Doraeeeeee mooooonnn" when I see him it. rofl Is the lyrics even like that??? ._.

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.. 샤느 ..: BoAicequ33n on December 21st, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
u love Toma, too? i love him in HanaKimi.. *haven't watched his other dramas tho.. lol* he's so funny.. and what made me first attracted to him was.. b/c he's kinda similar with Teppei.. rofl i like Teppei first b/c of WaT & Gokusen 2.. *Gokusen 1&2 made me into jpop a lot.. xD*

u love NoKy brothers, too? my friend is crazy over it.. and somehow it makes me bored b/c she talks abt it all the time.. O_O
well, all the time means all the time.. everytime we go together, we chat, talk on the phone, and she suggests me to watch if i'm stressed with assmts, pissed, bored, and so on.. omgod.. isn't it too much? well it is for me.. xD

yaaa that big Dora is so cuteee.. it's in KL's mall? for an event? i rly want to see.. *o*
Jestie: RyoRocksjestersjest on December 23rd, 2008 12:45 pm (UTC)
Lol Teppei? No WAY! Toma is way cuter!!!! Though he's not so cute in his teenage years but he's really cute now (: I'm in the midst of watching Maou actually, like in the first epi?

I'm NOT crazy over Nokky brothers or whatsoever. Lol I'm not crazy over anything actually ._. I just go "oooh-ahhhh-ing" for a moment then, that's it.

Doraemon was from a mall in Penang. Just some Christmas thingy.

.. 샤느 ..: BoAicequ33n on December 25th, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
rofl it's b/c i knew Teppei first.. but agree with you.. the more i know both of them, i also think Toma is cuter.. lol
Maou? starring Toma? is it good?

rofl go "oooh-ahhhh-ing" for a moment.. your words are so funny.. i think that kinda happens to me eventho just a little bit.. ^^;

ahh ic2.. back then from your holiday in Penang.. ^^
well, Merry X'mas, Jestie.. ^^