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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am

Friends Locked!

Lee Joon Ki ♥

Oh bloody, I need a layout and FO banner.

Feel free to add me, I don't bite. =)


07 March 2009 @ 04:15 pm
Don't really bother about these stuffs these days. Not worth a tinker's damn. Seriously, what is so important about it? Pretty happy to delete things from my life. Unnecessary things. Just blocking my storage. I find joy in erasing stuffs. They made my brain clearer instead of blocking it. Urgh go away.

Don't worry, no major changes. The only thing that's constantly changing is me. :D Feel happy for me okay?
20 January 2009 @ 06:01 pm
I seldom write anything about Jin (none as I far as I can remember), but at the moment, I'm very much in love with his composition of "Care"

It's not that I didn't know the existence of the song, but it's just recently that I'd bother to look for the translation of the songs and holy, it's really good!

God bless them who can compose and write lyrics. I have a fetish for musicians like this and it's a bonus point (value plus plus plus) if they can play some instruments too. *winkchunwink* *winkryowink* and yes, that applies all the way back to the times I fangirl-ed NicTse too! LOLL!

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20 December 2008 @ 05:44 pm


My pretty layout and LJ page. I'm happy with it (: It took me quite sometime to surf and bump into all the possible communities to get everything that suits my taste! That's a loooooooottt of work, not to mention the numbers of pretty layout and profile page and headers I can take from. I almost took this but it's too small T_T

I think is my Toma is beautiful. What's best about it is the word JESTER on it (= Oh no, I didn't bribe ethvren to make me a banner, I just found it! And it's perfect!! Thank youuu!! *dances happily*

Hoookay, Ryuusei ended last night. I'm not gonna watch the episode without the subs so hopefully, Kakijun will come up with it faaaaaasstt. And I can't wait for Bloody Monday's subs too. It's pretty slow, but I'm fine with the speed as long as there's some other dramas to fill up my time!

Winter 2009 has few dramas I want to watch! Top of the list would be VOICE. Oh boy, Toma is too hard to resist xD ♥♥♥♥♥
This is the preview..

toma toma toma toma tomaaaaa ♥♥♥Collapse )

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12 December 2008 @ 09:56 pm
This is the best gift ever for December. I'd never hated December so much ever in my life. It was my all time favourite month of the year, okay? OMG I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I have 4 weeks before the new sem. Ok, exams aside! There's so much to drool do!

My list of to do list :-
1. Watch jodramassssss. omfg Seriously, i have like 10 dramas pending?
2. Download moreeeeeee dramas xD. This is joy, baby!
3. urm, I guess it's time for me to backtrack and catch up on fandoms? Oh well, that depends on my mood. Seriously, I'm old enough to get my ass out of that. But I think there are a few DBSK clips I need to watch? hmm.....
4. oh, i need to do something to my lj. How do you make a pretty layout?????? hey
geronsky , you read that? You gonna teach me mara! LOLL
5. Clean my closet to make space for new clothes O_O. Ok, it's gonna take FOREVER for me to start. ._.
6. Shopping, watch movie and bowl!!!!!! hahahahah I need time with my besties.
7. Play with my adorable yet annoying nephew.
8. Listen to all the songs I've download over the years. OMG It's 15Gb O_O
9. Read a few good books. And yes, I don't mind re-reading Twilight for the 29734503458 times (=
10. Xmas is here! There's so much to do and I need a vacation!!!!!!! omg please fly my to Japan.......

you know what I feel like doing now?
Thissssssss >>
I want to jump and hop on someone! xD
credit : as tagged

Oh yea, I read somewhere about Kusano might be going back to NEWS Omg Holy cow NOOOOOOOO. I mean seriously NOOOOOOOOO!!! I love the 6 members NEWS. 9 was a mess, 8 was nuts. It's Ryopi, Koyashige and Tegomass. Or RyoTegoShige, PiKeiMass. I love them like that. Inside out, upside down. Let them stay as 6.♥♥♥ I don't have anything against Kusano but I prefer him to go alone. Go sing, dance and act under Notti. Pleaseeeeeeee?

And another thing, the FG guy is just so fu*ked up to tell me that how uhmasing his life is now and that he and his new found wtf gf are on such good terms and that he did so mini coopery well for his exam. OMG STFUMF can someone kill him as an early christmas gift for me? 

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22 November 2008 @ 04:27 pm

1. You so happen to need to make place for some new clothes in your closet for 2009, so you open your wardrobe and tell yourself "Ahh perfect, my cousin sister needs this one to match with her skinny jeans". "Ah, that girl needs a belt to put on with it too". You spend hours match-making clothes for her and re-do it until you're satisfied. After 5 hours, you said to yourself, "Forget it. I'm wearing these clothes myself. Bleak =P "

2. You forgot the storyline of the movie "The Covenant". So you turn on your TV every 2 hours (because you lost the Channel Guide), surf around the channels for another 45 minutes to see what they're showing until it's The Covenant's time. You might even get to watch 1 or 2 episodes of CSI and 90210. Awesome!

3. You haven't listened to SGWannabe's songs for 5 months, so you turn on your Window Media Player, put all of their songs on the playlist and when you just wanted to press the 'play' button, you realised that you missed their 1st and 2nd album!! blardy.. You googled for the download links for 30 minutes and they were all DEAD links! You redo the googgling again until you found the best 320kbs CD rip SGWannabe's Wannabe and Saldaga.

4. Just when you were downloading SGWannabe's album, you remembered that you didn't have the full SPEED discography! Ahh perfect, it's googling time again. =D  Only to discover, whatever link you've pressed on leads you either to the Keanu Reeves' movie, your broadband speedtest or the definition of speed and motion OR motor racing. >_< Dammit you're talking about the Jpop group!

5. Ahh Tesco is having sales again! Time to buy groceries even though your storeroom and fridge are fulled with junks.

6. You haven't been updating yourself with your friends blog for the last 3 weeks! *starts clicking on every blog on Jo's list - that's about 20. =D

7. You forgot what Edward Cullen was doing before he went for hunting. Ahhh purrrrfect time for re-reading the whole saga. Besides, you have to refresh your memory before entering the cinema next week.

8. Your nephew's colouring book looks empty the last time you flipped through it. You take out your 10 years old - precious colour pencils from Japan and started colouring Mickey Mouse your way.

9. Aww gawd. Your picture folder is in a mess! All DBSK and NEWS pictures are jumbled up together! You start creating new folders and renaming the pictures, sorting them into the right folder according to event : magazines, album scans, photoshoot, performances, with others, airport pictures, stalkerish and etc. After that, you start sorting them according to the years and hairstyle. When you forgot the timeline, you log on to soompi and start backtracking.

10. Your blog needs updating. For real.

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